This Year’s Improvements

There are a few ways I think I have improved throughout the semester.  For one, with writing essays I have learned how to use better grammar and strengthen my word choice and conclusions. Other areas that have remained a challenge is the initial starting of a paper or an idea, it takes a lot of motivation and mental strength to just start a paper, the introductions to my essays always seem like the hardest part, even if they usually seem to be the better parts of my essays.  Also finding the right sources and topics to pick were a little hard for the last two essays.

I think my favorite writing project was probably the essay on the Lifestyle contract because it got me thinking more about how the school is looked at and the opinions of others that go to school here versus those who do not understand what it is like to be at a small Christian school.  It put a newer perspective on what is really important to me morally and what I would want to do about my future schooling options.  I struggled a bit with citations and the argumentative essay because it was more so opinion based, I feel. And it was hard putting my argument into actual argumentative formatting.  But at the same time I feel very strongly about the subject. Another thing I struggled with this semester was the consistency of my commenting on the blogs of the other people in class.  I usually ended up forgetting to write three comments, get tired of it or just completely forget all together, which was not a good habit.